Get ready to live the most exclusive and exciting experience.

Three days at top speed in the world’s motor capital city. Three days of Italy’s dolce vita: style, taste and beauty.

Don’t miss the chance to experience a ride on a race cars as they are arranged for Ferrari Challenge drivers. Let the speed thrill mark an unforgettable day in your life.

In the morning, team engineers will welcome you with an introductory class on potential and limits of the powerful cars you will be driving as well as a detailed overview of the track and how to manage it bend after bend.

After the class, you will turn theory into practice: team engineers and drivers will lead you on cars and through the track, in order to help you become familiar with cars power and track snares.

Prior to the starting stage, our team manager will hold a conclusive briefing at truck border, illustrating all solutions to be adopted before you turn the engine on: this is vital for your safety and in order to make your driving experience unforgettable.


Get ready for a visit to the temple built in honour of racing legends. Race vehicles, engines, and memorabilia jealously kept and exhibited as if they were works of art: get ready for a visit to the Galleria Ferrari Maserati.

Recently renovated in order to be more welcoming and dynamic in terms of exhibition management, Galleria Ferrari hosts racing cars. Sport Prototipo and Gran Turismo cars which achieved successful results worldwide.

At the Gallery very heart, you will find Ferrari cars: the most prestigious cars in Ferrari history and manufacturing tradition. About 40 models are made available in turn to visitors from the company heritage and thanks to a cooperation with the most significant Italian collectors and museums.

Topic exhibitions focusing on legendary Cavallino Rampante cars: you will be able to admire Maranello’s cars which enchanted film audiences, or the artist that let themselves be seduced by their flaming-red, curry lines.

Get ready to live unforgettable moments!

Get ready to admire the perfect lines of Italian gems, plugged into the core of Italian design!

A parade of Italian jewels will be accompanying an unforgettable gala dinner hosted by a further design masterpiece: the elegant Abbracci restaurant.

Get ready to experience the apotheosis of taste, through Italian research cuisine.
By dining chef Massimo Bottura's Osteria Francescana, you will discover the new boundaries of Italian cuisine that have made themselves a name worldwide.

Get ready to experience dinner in a castle, plunged into timeless tastes and scents.

A dinner into Castelvetro castle will let you discover old traditional dishes, along with a breathtaking view over the valleys between Modena and Bologna.

And for ladies...

For the ladies accompanying you in this adventure, we offer a day with an expert personal shopper who will be at your complete disposal to take the best of hautecouture offer.

After such a frenetic day, you will be able to relax and enjoy calm. Have a lavic stone massage and a healthy thermal bath, you will be able to take care of yourselves in one of the most exclusive wellness centres in this area.

A day on the track in a Ferrari F430 F1 Challenge

“REV IT UP” is a sports driving experience available exclusively to the clientele of Forte dei Marmi Exclusive and New Commercial Systems. The activities may take place at any of the following tracks: Imola, Varano de Melegari, Misano, Adria, or Vairano and participants will be informed of the track that has been assigned when they sign up.

“REV IT UP” is based on an intense programme of activities organised professionally to offer an in-depth approach. It also includes sports driving techniques, which will be taught through on-track driving and vehicle control exercises in a Ferrari F430 Challenge. During the “REV IT UP” day, participants will also be introduced to theoretical aspects and given the opportunity to try out the simulator.


The event is open to a maximum of 8/10 people and there will be a team of professional drivers on hand to accompany the participants.


The instructors are all internationally experienced drivers whose professional training is guaranteed by their time spent racing in the Ferrari Challenge championship.

There will be four Ferrari F430 Challenge vehicles available, which were used in the European and Italian Ferrari Challenges.


In the event of accidents as a result of on-track driving activities, the “REV IT UP” insurance cover includes:

  • a maximum sum assured of € 1 500 000.00 in the event of death or permanent disability.
  • € 30 000.00 for reimbursement of health care expenses incurred as a result of the accident.
  • € 50 000.00 for damage to the vehicle/ track.


Forte dei Marmi Exclusive and New Commercial Systems will provide you with the following complimentary clothing and professional racing gear, all customised to feature your first name and surname: fireproof overalls, shoes, gloves, helmet balaclava, helmet and HANS device.

There is a section in the registration form enclosed where you can specify the sizes required.



Day 1
6.00pm         Arrival at Hotel Fini San Francesco, Modena
7.30pm  Welcome drink and REV IT UP presentation briefing
8.30pm  Dinner at the Fini restaurant
Day 2
8.15am  Departure (after breakfast) for track in chauffeur-driven car with security staff
10.00am  Arrival at the track
  Briefing for the REV IT UP day
  • Initial driving analysis
  • Correct driving behaviour
  • Simulator trials
Sports driving
  • Track layout
  • Car control
  • Countersteering
  • Braking
1.30 pm  Trackside lunch
2.30 pm  On-track driving
6.00 pm  Return to the hotel with chauffeur-driven car and security staff
9.00 pm  Dinner
Day 3
Morning of pampering at the hotel’s spa centre.
1.00 pm  Restaurant lunch
2.30 pm  Journey from Modena to Maranello in chauffeur-driven car with security staff
3.00 pm  Tour of the Ferrari gallery
4.30 pm  Return journey to Modena for private tour of Maserati museum exclusively for participants
6.00 pm  Return to hotel (relaxation)
8.30 pm  Journey from Modena to Maranello in chauffeur-driven car with security staff
9.00 pm  Dinner at the “Abbracci” restaurant in Maranello
Day 4
Journey from Modena to Versilia in chauffeur-driven car with security staff
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